Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Freezing, Old Bones & Long Skirts

Every time Shadow and I go outside, he lingers at the door, staring at my little bone yard. I'm guessing that he keeps hoping I'm going to offer them to him. I had a beautiful leg bone that he already chewed up into a thousand little pieces in a matter of seconds. I found the two skulls within two days walking through the woods behind our home. The beauty of these treasures astound me every day, from the intricate brain and nasal cavity, to the hairline fractures where the pieces of the skull fit together. I strive to make beautiful clothing along these same details; intricate yet overall organically functional. The green one was along the banks of a tiny woodland stream, moss, lichens and infinite funaria creeping and inhabiting the wind and water worn bone. The jawbone, which you can't see very well, was near it. The whiter one was beneath a tree at the edge of an old abandoned apple orchard. Our darling friend Jeff found the moose antler while hunting. Every day it gets smaller and smaller as little chipmunks and squirrels nibble at the ends.

This morning was the first this season that the pond had a thin coating of ice. The icy northern wind mixed with that heavenly, insulated, quiet feeling of new snow made me crave a day of apple cinnamon potpourri and the creation of cozy organic flannel skirt.

Today, I want to focus on a very treasured garment, one which evokes nostalgia of times past and simpler lifestyles. One which allows for infinite artistic growth, change and touch... the long skirt! I have gathered on Etsy some of the most unique long skirts, ones which carry a signature touch of the artist, and the highest quality craftwomanship.

First up is this astounding beauty from Etsy seller (and fellow blogger!) Justine at Potomac River Goods . This woman is so talented, I visit her shop often for inspiration. This particular piece is made of a gathering of hemps, corduroys and hand dyed fabrics. It is pieced patchwork, cut on the diagonal, and features a beautiful applique pocket and drawstring waist. $140.

Next is this stunning skirt made by Etsy seller coryshandmade . This woman has an incredible eye for color, and her shop is chock full of her one unique, high quality designs. This particular skirt is made of a coruncopia of homespun cotton plaids, and features a drawstring waist, earthy bead details and a huge spin! $65.

This next gem is from Etsy seller akattywampustale . This shop is amazing! She makes only skirts, and each one is like a poem... the details, the fabrics, the applique, everything is so thoughtfully collected to create a work of art with a story to back it up. This particular skirt is made with a harvest of green patchwork calicos, a drawstring waist embellished with beads, and an incredible tree silhouette applique adorning the front. $104.

This next skirt is from Etsy seller patchworkmafia . This woman is an amazingly talented designer. Her shop is full of beautiful hand dyed hemps and silks, and what caught my eye today was this incredible wrap skirt. It features hundreds of patches of hand dyed, vintage and quilt shop fabrics. Beautifully draping wrap cut, complete with waistband buttonhole and belt loops for security. $210.

This skirt is one of my own. I made it using two beautiful Indonesian batiks from Etsy seller batikasia . Shes a wonderful woman who offers these beautiful batiks at more than fair prices, and her customer service is immpecible! So, I used two batiks in shades of black and navy. It features four alternating tiers and a beautifully flattering corset bustle back. The corset laces up over your bottom, creating a couture fit and flattering cut. $100. suzannahmullikin.

Another one of my skirts in the corset design, this skirt is SO SPECIAL! It is made of a beautiful russety wine calico, an embroidered linen, a batik and an antique upholstery silk fabric that I bought a yard sale this winter. A woman and her teenage daughter were selling it, and I was told that it belonged to the woman's grandmother, who owned a fabric shop. This is my favorite skirt that I've ever made. $82. suzannahmullikin.

This last skirt is another one of mine. Its a simple design, with four vintage and new calico cottons. Features a back bustle drawstring waist and adorable elasticized pockets. $74. suzannahmullikin.


Justine said...

Ohhh! Thank you thank you, Suzannah! I really enjoyed reading about your inspirations and the beauty of your landscape.

I'm so honored to have you call ME an inspiration!


umlauf said...

Pretty, pretty. Wonderful selections!

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