Friday, November 21, 2008


Its finally cold enough for a little bit of snow to remain on the piles and piles of oak leaves! I love the contrast of the smooth and sturdy coffee leaves with the pale, textured grains of icy snow.
Today's entry I want to focus on beautiful fiber-based items that feature leaf motifs! A beautiful, natural symbol of life in its many phases, from their unfurling new growth to their withered, brown demise littering the earth in the autumn.

These heavenly little slippers so simply speak of new life, with their light natural colors and fresh details! They're made by Etsy seller emilyisland. Made of an earthy felt in a natural beige, they feature three little felt leaves in sage and ivory. Features a sage ribbon and blanket stitch detail around the edges. $22.

This amazing scarf is from Etsy seller Kruser. I've been browsing her shop, and she has so many beautiful items that have been made in ways that I haven't heard of! For instance, the leaves on this beautiful, light wool scarf were by couching yarn into water soluable plastic, and then melting away the plastic! Features leaves in shades of natural, saffron and sage. $59.

This incredible art quilt is made by Etsy seller Nileen. The details are astounding. Made with fabric hand dyed by the seller, it features handpainted and applique leaves, metallic threaded rain detail, and features a traditional Japanese haiku, translated into English and handpainted with textile ink. $400.

This is a skirt I just made using three cottons prints. The first is a bold coffee with gold maple leaves, alternating in tiers with two sage and slate acorn, twig and wheat prints. Features a bustle back drawstring waist. $85. Suzannahmullikin.


Angelika@ Purple Sage Designz said...

Wow, your leaves-inspired finds are just beautiful. Still waiting on that snow coating here, but the fallen leaves are plentiful in our yard. I guess I need to take some pics before we start racking up the masses of dried leaves everywhere.

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