Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold, Sharp Winds & One of a Kind Bags

This morning is SO COLD! I think that winter has finally graced us with her presence, and autumn has receded back into the mountains until next year. Outside, flurries are falling in every which direction, and this old, old house that we live in is creaking and shifting with the frigid northern winds. We're lucky enough to live on this beautiful pond, and its mere presence has been such an influence in my art, from the herons and cattails in the summer, to the gray waters and bare trees in the autumn. Shadow & I took a little jaunt outside to take some photos for you of the snowy loveliness!

So, today's entry I want to focus on bags! Big bags, little bags, felt bags and fabric bags, applique, hand dyed, patchwork, uniquely shaped, all kinds of bags! I scoured Etsy yesterday and found some of the most beautiful art in the form of handmade bags!

How amazing is this backpack? So many details, so much skilled work! This backpack is made by Etsy seller HumbleCocoon . The entire backpack is handmade, and is embellished with incredible features, including this beautiful applique mountain scene, inspired by the Rocky Mountains! It also features applique up the sides and back, a hand painted button, and inner pockets, a zipper closure and a handle. I highly recommend you check out this girl's site, she is extremely talented! $160.

Second up is this beautiful felted bag from Etsy seller UniquelyFelt . Its made of merino wool, knitted and then felted. Extremely detailed, it features a drawstring closure and beautiful wet felted details! $78.

This next bag is an amazing piece of art. Its from Etsy seller FolkandFiber , ( or here ). It is made of wool and linen, and features a hand hooked oak leaf motif and elaborate and earthy border, made of hand dyed and marbled wools! Features two straps and an antique button. $145.

This adorable little number is from Etsy seller cloudforestfibers . I am so excited about her shop and have been checking it out as much as I can! She makes a large variety of fiber goods, and this pouch is part of a Sacred Herbs collection she did. Its made of a lovely sage corduroy and a beautiful earthy batik. Features an organic shade, unique hand carved wooden button, free form stitching and a versatile wear! $47.

This beautiful bag is from Etsy seller StirDesigns . Made with shimmery velveteen and hand dyed cotton, it features a magnetic closure, generous inner pockets and a beautiful organic shape. $65.

This is one of my bags, made of a bundle of Indonesian batiks in earthy shades. Features two medium / long length straps, a full pleated body, inner pocket, and lined with a reproduction calico. I made it with travel in mind - its huge! Measures over 2 feet wide and 17" tall. Its available at my Etsy site, suzannahmullikin . $100. Custom inquiries welcome.

I hope you all something that will spark your creative imagination!


Oh Mandie! said...

oh your bag is fabulous - as are the others! I have an undying love for patchwork sewing, and batik prints!


Graciela Testa Lynt said...

The bags are gorgeous! I have to go find your shop! Love the doggie too... I have a border collie named KatieMae, but she doesn't like to have her picture taken... :)

Paper Girl Productions said...

oo I really love that first photo. Its very cold here with snow already. I'm in Canada :)

btw, your bags are gorgeous!!

HelenesDreams.etsy.com said...

Wow a pretty blog and beautiful work you do...I am going to favor your shop!

The Wind & Rain Creations said...

Thanks, everybody! Yay for patchwork, border collies and snow (within reason!)!

Shay said...

Wonderful blog.