Monday, November 17, 2008

Felted Creations

Felting is a new love of mine! I have that beautiful, strong, fluttery feeling that one gets in her belly when she knows that she is about to embark on an amazing crafting journey that will inevitably be the source of many, many creations!

Before I show the first of my felting creations, I want to take the time to show off my collection of pieces that I've gathered from a few incredibly talented fellow felting Etsians! I could not be happier with them! Some are knit or crocheted and then felted, while others are felted with roving.

First up is this little jewel that I got in a trade from Etsy seller huesofnature ( shes at ). I love this purse so much! Its thick and sturdy, and the colors and textures are beyond words! It looks like it just fell to the ground in a whirl of autumn oak leaves.

This is a headband that I got from Amber at Raimbowtree! ( shes at ). Amber is an amazing and adorable woman in Alaska who makes the most colorful and unique crochet pieces, and I'm always thrilled to add to my Raimbowtree collection. Her headbands are chunky, warm and always incredibly detailed, like this big flower applique with a vintage button.

This is one of infinite details on a felted hat I bought from Etsy seller Autumhillllamas ( shes at ). This hat is AMAZING. Its thick and incredibly soft, and filled with details like these small lavender and purple beaded flowers that lace the front and tassles! I can not tell you how many people have chased me down the street wanting to know where I got this beauty.

This incredible piece is a felted scarflette that I bought from Etsy seller Rudman ( shes at ). She has had a lot of success this autumn with these scarflettes, and I think its pretty obvious why. Its so soft, and again the textures are to die for. She uses unexpected materials like lace and beads, and the outcome is a glorious piece of art.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? This little felt pouch is the first of many I hope to buy from Etsy seller Vermontfairies ( shes at ). Its especially treasured to me because shes from my own state! I've worn this everywhere and have had so many inquiries on it! The pouch actually opens, and you can pick your own color schemes!

And now here are my little felt holiday ornaments! They're available in my etsy shop, ! They come in sets of 3; you get one in each color, for $25. Currently I have hearts and leaves available, and later this week look for the stars and others!

Little leaves in orange, green and brown! 100% merino wool body and wool details.

Little hearts in plum, orange, brown and green (not shown)! 100% merino wool body with wool and merino wool details!


SillyLittleLady said...

Oh I love felting! It is so cool to see the end result, it looks so different than the before the felting process :)

Shalana, the funky felter said...

Yay for felting :)
I just love that scarlette by Rudman. Her work is amazing.