Friday, November 21, 2008


Its finally cold enough for a little bit of snow to remain on the piles and piles of oak leaves! I love the contrast of the smooth and sturdy coffee leaves with the pale, textured grains of icy snow.
Today's entry I want to focus on beautiful fiber-based items that feature leaf motifs! A beautiful, natural symbol of life in its many phases, from their unfurling new growth to their withered, brown demise littering the earth in the autumn.

These heavenly little slippers so simply speak of new life, with their light natural colors and fresh details! They're made by Etsy seller emilyisland. Made of an earthy felt in a natural beige, they feature three little felt leaves in sage and ivory. Features a sage ribbon and blanket stitch detail around the edges. $22.

This amazing scarf is from Etsy seller Kruser. I've been browsing her shop, and she has so many beautiful items that have been made in ways that I haven't heard of! For instance, the leaves on this beautiful, light wool scarf were by couching yarn into water soluable plastic, and then melting away the plastic! Features leaves in shades of natural, saffron and sage. $59.

This incredible art quilt is made by Etsy seller Nileen. The details are astounding. Made with fabric hand dyed by the seller, it features handpainted and applique leaves, metallic threaded rain detail, and features a traditional Japanese haiku, translated into English and handpainted with textile ink. $400.

This is a skirt I just made using three cottons prints. The first is a bold coffee with gold maple leaves, alternating in tiers with two sage and slate acorn, twig and wheat prints. Features a bustle back drawstring waist. $85. Suzannahmullikin.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First Freezing, Old Bones & Long Skirts

Every time Shadow and I go outside, he lingers at the door, staring at my little bone yard. I'm guessing that he keeps hoping I'm going to offer them to him. I had a beautiful leg bone that he already chewed up into a thousand little pieces in a matter of seconds. I found the two skulls within two days walking through the woods behind our home. The beauty of these treasures astound me every day, from the intricate brain and nasal cavity, to the hairline fractures where the pieces of the skull fit together. I strive to make beautiful clothing along these same details; intricate yet overall organically functional. The green one was along the banks of a tiny woodland stream, moss, lichens and infinite funaria creeping and inhabiting the wind and water worn bone. The jawbone, which you can't see very well, was near it. The whiter one was beneath a tree at the edge of an old abandoned apple orchard. Our darling friend Jeff found the moose antler while hunting. Every day it gets smaller and smaller as little chipmunks and squirrels nibble at the ends.

This morning was the first this season that the pond had a thin coating of ice. The icy northern wind mixed with that heavenly, insulated, quiet feeling of new snow made me crave a day of apple cinnamon potpourri and the creation of cozy organic flannel skirt.

Today, I want to focus on a very treasured garment, one which evokes nostalgia of times past and simpler lifestyles. One which allows for infinite artistic growth, change and touch... the long skirt! I have gathered on Etsy some of the most unique long skirts, ones which carry a signature touch of the artist, and the highest quality craftwomanship.

First up is this astounding beauty from Etsy seller (and fellow blogger!) Justine at Potomac River Goods . This woman is so talented, I visit her shop often for inspiration. This particular piece is made of a gathering of hemps, corduroys and hand dyed fabrics. It is pieced patchwork, cut on the diagonal, and features a beautiful applique pocket and drawstring waist. $140.

Next is this stunning skirt made by Etsy seller coryshandmade . This woman has an incredible eye for color, and her shop is chock full of her one unique, high quality designs. This particular skirt is made of a coruncopia of homespun cotton plaids, and features a drawstring waist, earthy bead details and a huge spin! $65.

This next gem is from Etsy seller akattywampustale . This shop is amazing! She makes only skirts, and each one is like a poem... the details, the fabrics, the applique, everything is so thoughtfully collected to create a work of art with a story to back it up. This particular skirt is made with a harvest of green patchwork calicos, a drawstring waist embellished with beads, and an incredible tree silhouette applique adorning the front. $104.

This next skirt is from Etsy seller patchworkmafia . This woman is an amazingly talented designer. Her shop is full of beautiful hand dyed hemps and silks, and what caught my eye today was this incredible wrap skirt. It features hundreds of patches of hand dyed, vintage and quilt shop fabrics. Beautifully draping wrap cut, complete with waistband buttonhole and belt loops for security. $210.

This skirt is one of my own. I made it using two beautiful Indonesian batiks from Etsy seller batikasia . Shes a wonderful woman who offers these beautiful batiks at more than fair prices, and her customer service is immpecible! So, I used two batiks in shades of black and navy. It features four alternating tiers and a beautifully flattering corset bustle back. The corset laces up over your bottom, creating a couture fit and flattering cut. $100. suzannahmullikin.

Another one of my skirts in the corset design, this skirt is SO SPECIAL! It is made of a beautiful russety wine calico, an embroidered linen, a batik and an antique upholstery silk fabric that I bought a yard sale this winter. A woman and her teenage daughter were selling it, and I was told that it belonged to the woman's grandmother, who owned a fabric shop. This is my favorite skirt that I've ever made. $82. suzannahmullikin.

This last skirt is another one of mine. Its a simple design, with four vintage and new calico cottons. Features a back bustle drawstring waist and adorable elasticized pockets. $74. suzannahmullikin.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold, Sharp Winds & One of a Kind Bags

This morning is SO COLD! I think that winter has finally graced us with her presence, and autumn has receded back into the mountains until next year. Outside, flurries are falling in every which direction, and this old, old house that we live in is creaking and shifting with the frigid northern winds. We're lucky enough to live on this beautiful pond, and its mere presence has been such an influence in my art, from the herons and cattails in the summer, to the gray waters and bare trees in the autumn. Shadow & I took a little jaunt outside to take some photos for you of the snowy loveliness!

So, today's entry I want to focus on bags! Big bags, little bags, felt bags and fabric bags, applique, hand dyed, patchwork, uniquely shaped, all kinds of bags! I scoured Etsy yesterday and found some of the most beautiful art in the form of handmade bags!

How amazing is this backpack? So many details, so much skilled work! This backpack is made by Etsy seller HumbleCocoon . The entire backpack is handmade, and is embellished with incredible features, including this beautiful applique mountain scene, inspired by the Rocky Mountains! It also features applique up the sides and back, a hand painted button, and inner pockets, a zipper closure and a handle. I highly recommend you check out this girl's site, she is extremely talented! $160.

Second up is this beautiful felted bag from Etsy seller UniquelyFelt . Its made of merino wool, knitted and then felted. Extremely detailed, it features a drawstring closure and beautiful wet felted details! $78.

This next bag is an amazing piece of art. Its from Etsy seller FolkandFiber , ( or here ). It is made of wool and linen, and features a hand hooked oak leaf motif and elaborate and earthy border, made of hand dyed and marbled wools! Features two straps and an antique button. $145.

This adorable little number is from Etsy seller cloudforestfibers . I am so excited about her shop and have been checking it out as much as I can! She makes a large variety of fiber goods, and this pouch is part of a Sacred Herbs collection she did. Its made of a lovely sage corduroy and a beautiful earthy batik. Features an organic shade, unique hand carved wooden button, free form stitching and a versatile wear! $47.

This beautiful bag is from Etsy seller StirDesigns . Made with shimmery velveteen and hand dyed cotton, it features a magnetic closure, generous inner pockets and a beautiful organic shape. $65.

This is one of my bags, made of a bundle of Indonesian batiks in earthy shades. Features two medium / long length straps, a full pleated body, inner pocket, and lined with a reproduction calico. I made it with travel in mind - its huge! Measures over 2 feet wide and 17" tall. Its available at my Etsy site, suzannahmullikin . $100. Custom inquiries welcome.

I hope you all something that will spark your creative imagination!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Felted Creations

Felting is a new love of mine! I have that beautiful, strong, fluttery feeling that one gets in her belly when she knows that she is about to embark on an amazing crafting journey that will inevitably be the source of many, many creations!

Before I show the first of my felting creations, I want to take the time to show off my collection of pieces that I've gathered from a few incredibly talented fellow felting Etsians! I could not be happier with them! Some are knit or crocheted and then felted, while others are felted with roving.

First up is this little jewel that I got in a trade from Etsy seller huesofnature ( shes at ). I love this purse so much! Its thick and sturdy, and the colors and textures are beyond words! It looks like it just fell to the ground in a whirl of autumn oak leaves.

This is a headband that I got from Amber at Raimbowtree! ( shes at ). Amber is an amazing and adorable woman in Alaska who makes the most colorful and unique crochet pieces, and I'm always thrilled to add to my Raimbowtree collection. Her headbands are chunky, warm and always incredibly detailed, like this big flower applique with a vintage button.

This is one of infinite details on a felted hat I bought from Etsy seller Autumhillllamas ( shes at ). This hat is AMAZING. Its thick and incredibly soft, and filled with details like these small lavender and purple beaded flowers that lace the front and tassles! I can not tell you how many people have chased me down the street wanting to know where I got this beauty.

This incredible piece is a felted scarflette that I bought from Etsy seller Rudman ( shes at ). She has had a lot of success this autumn with these scarflettes, and I think its pretty obvious why. Its so soft, and again the textures are to die for. She uses unexpected materials like lace and beads, and the outcome is a glorious piece of art.

Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen? This little felt pouch is the first of many I hope to buy from Etsy seller Vermontfairies ( shes at ). Its especially treasured to me because shes from my own state! I've worn this everywhere and have had so many inquiries on it! The pouch actually opens, and you can pick your own color schemes!

And now here are my little felt holiday ornaments! They're available in my etsy shop, ! They come in sets of 3; you get one in each color, for $25. Currently I have hearts and leaves available, and later this week look for the stars and others!

Little leaves in orange, green and brown! 100% merino wool body and wool details.

Little hearts in plum, orange, brown and green (not shown)! 100% merino wool body with wool and merino wool details!

Late Autumn Morning

Frosted burdock and aster seeds.

Vermont mornings are possibly the most beautiful thing one will ever experience, and late autumn and early winter mornings are the most exquisite of the year. The sepia colors, the dusting of frost, the last geese overhead, the translucent sun sweet and pale behind leafless branches... the inspirations are absolutely endless. This morning, Shadow and I went for a little walk up the old logging road behind our house, and took some photos; Shadow found his lost ball, and I found a plethora of frosted, skeletal seed pods, bleached and crispy grasses, deer beds and fresh cold morning mist!

Beautiful bleached and icy grasses, a deer bed below.

The entrance to the logging road and a perfect oak leaf!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early Winter

Alright, I really want to get better about this! Suddenly it is November, the summer is long gone, as is fall! I got up really early this morning for the first time in a long time, to watch the frost fade away as the pale sun rises. I love this time of year, when the morning is sewn together merely of infinite hues of blue. The treeline a rich navy, the sky slate, the mountains periwinkle with frost... so beautiful! There are still some lingering geese.

A lot of changes here! I've changed the name of my shop to The Wind & Rain Creations! I love this so much, I love watching my shop grow & change like a life force of its own. Over the course of this beautiful and lengthy fall, I have added a few new angles to my work.

First, we have long sleeved dresses! These have been selling like hot cakes, and I really, really love to make them. I've been working with a lot of batiks of Indonesia lately, and I love combining them to create busy, natural beauties! Here is one (left) that already sold. Please check out my etsy shop for many more, and more being added every day! This next one (right) is one of two that I made using all recycled organic cotton flannel that I got as scraps from a local futon business. I hand dyed them in earthy, earthy autumn colors and they are AMAZING! So soft, warm and heavy, perfect for all you mamas in chilly places like here! Still available!

Another fun addition is an accessories page. I've compiled a big list of things to keep me from going insane this winter, including felting which I've just started, knitting, and make children's clothing and toys! I love this section because it allows so much room for growth & diversity. Lots of great gift ideas! Up top, here is a set of eco - friendly bookmarks! One is a patchwork fabric, and the other a hemp beaded! Other additions are aprons, bags and headbands!

Another addition is dolls! These little rag babies are the first of a line of children's toys! Soon to follow are felt toys and beautiful Waldorf dolls!

Thanks for reading! I have so many plans to make The Wind & Rain Creations grow! Keep in touch!

Monday, August 4, 2008


As of now, I am officially a blogger... now I just need sometime to explain to me what "blog" means. So here I am! I am a clothing designer in Vermont. I'm 19 years old & I live on a pond with my partner James and our pup, Shadow.

I'll be using this blog basically to share my creations and crafting endeavors! As summer is fading & autumn will soon be upon us, I have compiled a huge list of creative things to do to beat the blues that come along with the chilly weather.

Firstly, this month of August I will be busy busy busy dyeing heaps of cozy organic cotton that I get as remnants from a local business. Last winter I tried to do this in our home, but its so much easier to do outside. The mess washes away, and the heat of the sun really helps to bring out the colors. I dye using the Low Water Immersion method. This differs from in that with Low Water Immersion, you use as little liquid as possible, and very concentrated dyes. You do not stir the fabric. Fabric is packed tightly into its container, as opposed to flowing freely in a tub. This way, the fabric creates resists against itself, creating gorgeous shades and textures in the fabric. I started doing this at the beginning of the summer, and I am HOOKED. It is also, which I love, virtually impossible to screw up. As long as you let it set long enough and add your fixative, you will be successful!

I love colors... I especially love contrasting colors. Purple and orange, green and rust, etc. But this time, I tried to challenge myself and do mostly complimentary colors. The results make me feel calm and safe... just as late summer makes me feel. James and I are taking a trip to Maine at the end of the month, and seeing the cold Atlantic sea has been on my brain! I think these thoughts really came out in the blue, deep green and brown fabrics I created. Take a look! (James came up with the brilliant idea of tying a rope to the car for a clothesline)