Saturday, November 15, 2008

Early Winter

Alright, I really want to get better about this! Suddenly it is November, the summer is long gone, as is fall! I got up really early this morning for the first time in a long time, to watch the frost fade away as the pale sun rises. I love this time of year, when the morning is sewn together merely of infinite hues of blue. The treeline a rich navy, the sky slate, the mountains periwinkle with frost... so beautiful! There are still some lingering geese.

A lot of changes here! I've changed the name of my shop to The Wind & Rain Creations! I love this so much, I love watching my shop grow & change like a life force of its own. Over the course of this beautiful and lengthy fall, I have added a few new angles to my work.

First, we have long sleeved dresses! These have been selling like hot cakes, and I really, really love to make them. I've been working with a lot of batiks of Indonesia lately, and I love combining them to create busy, natural beauties! Here is one (left) that already sold. Please check out my etsy shop for many more, and more being added every day! This next one (right) is one of two that I made using all recycled organic cotton flannel that I got as scraps from a local futon business. I hand dyed them in earthy, earthy autumn colors and they are AMAZING! So soft, warm and heavy, perfect for all you mamas in chilly places like here! Still available!

Another fun addition is an accessories page. I've compiled a big list of things to keep me from going insane this winter, including felting which I've just started, knitting, and make children's clothing and toys! I love this section because it allows so much room for growth & diversity. Lots of great gift ideas! Up top, here is a set of eco - friendly bookmarks! One is a patchwork fabric, and the other a hemp beaded! Other additions are aprons, bags and headbands!

Another addition is dolls! These little rag babies are the first of a line of children's toys! Soon to follow are felt toys and beautiful Waldorf dolls!

Thanks for reading! I have so many plans to make The Wind & Rain Creations grow! Keep in touch!


paperhill said...

Your work is really lovely. I love the dress in the last photo! I'll add you to my faves so I can check in on you!

sherry said...

Your work certainly does evoke fall, it's beautiful.

Candy Stick Lane said...

Your fabric combinations are striking, I love your designs, and Im anxious to see all the new items!
XOXO Renee

Justine said...

Hi honey! I just found your blog! Love your work!!!