Monday, August 4, 2008


As of now, I am officially a blogger... now I just need sometime to explain to me what "blog" means. So here I am! I am a clothing designer in Vermont. I'm 19 years old & I live on a pond with my partner James and our pup, Shadow.

I'll be using this blog basically to share my creations and crafting endeavors! As summer is fading & autumn will soon be upon us, I have compiled a huge list of creative things to do to beat the blues that come along with the chilly weather.

Firstly, this month of August I will be busy busy busy dyeing heaps of cozy organic cotton that I get as remnants from a local business. Last winter I tried to do this in our home, but its so much easier to do outside. The mess washes away, and the heat of the sun really helps to bring out the colors. I dye using the Low Water Immersion method. This differs from in that with Low Water Immersion, you use as little liquid as possible, and very concentrated dyes. You do not stir the fabric. Fabric is packed tightly into its container, as opposed to flowing freely in a tub. This way, the fabric creates resists against itself, creating gorgeous shades and textures in the fabric. I started doing this at the beginning of the summer, and I am HOOKED. It is also, which I love, virtually impossible to screw up. As long as you let it set long enough and add your fixative, you will be successful!

I love colors... I especially love contrasting colors. Purple and orange, green and rust, etc. But this time, I tried to challenge myself and do mostly complimentary colors. The results make me feel calm and safe... just as late summer makes me feel. James and I are taking a trip to Maine at the end of the month, and seeing the cold Atlantic sea has been on my brain! I think these thoughts really came out in the blue, deep green and brown fabrics I created. Take a look! (James came up with the brilliant idea of tying a rope to the car for a clothesline)


Kreated by Kelly said...

What beautiful drool worthy fabrics *drools* Very very pretty! Your work is amazing too *smiles*

Dan Felstead said...

I grew up in the 60's so I obviously love your tie dies! Your descriptions on the blog are also very interesting along with the photographs. I have a photography blog tied in with ETSY and I just wanted you to know that I have added a link to your blog from my site.